How many posts should one publish daily on Facebook?

Some suggest posting to Facebook twice a day, others once, but if you want to broaden your audience, you should post 10 posts a day. I’m sure there will be contradicting ones saying that if you post more than three posts a day on Facebook, then: a) the number of views will decrease, b) there will be users who click on “Unsubscribe.” There is some truth in these statements, but let me tell you why I have a different opinion.

Suppose you have 100,000 fans (like me) on your account; with one post each day, your reach might be around 15-25% or approximately 25,000 views. If you post ten times a day, availability will decrease. Statistically, each post would only have around 10,000 views. However, if we multiply 10,000 by 10 (posts), we get a total of about 100,000 views. Oh yeah, that’s precisely the number of views per day if you will post ten posts a day.

So what’s better to get 25,000 or 100,000 views per day?

We are talking about great ambitions!

If your goal is to squeeze more sales out of Facebook, you should literally live online.

Or maybe I’m wrong, and social marketing works differently? Imagine you’re selling lemonade at a bazaar. One day you are only here for an hour, the next day for ten full hours. What day do you think you will get more sales? While there may be only a few peak hours selling all day long, you can make more than just selling only in peak hours, right?

“That’s a bad example!” someone will bring up. Okay, let me give you another example.

Imagine posting around 150 Facebook messages in 12 months (one message per day). The pace is quite slow, so it would take many years to gather a large audience. However, if you publish around 1,000 posts a year, you’ll build an audience much faster. After all, we are talking about speed! Of course, you can lose many fans by posting frequently, but only a frequent internet presence can provide a gigantic audience! Research proves it! My team and I created two completely identical pages. In one, we posted once a day, while in the other, we posted every hour. Now answer the question: Which of these accounts do you think garnered 50,000 fans in just six months? The question isn’t complicated, is it?
Hard to believe? Try a similar strategy, and you will see the results!

The point is to share content that will not only be liked by users, but also reposted. (Hear the last sentence!)

E-business expert Marius Pereščius would agree with me. There were times when he posted almost every hour after a post on his Facebook. Oh yes, he still had something to say about what was going on. Damn it; he was walking a step at a time. Thus, he created an image of a man catching up on current events, which attracted the attention of various TV programs.

Sure, you don’t want to get on TV and get on your Facebook followers’ nerves, but if your online presence is constant, there will be people who will be used to you 10 times more often than if you only posted one message a day!

“Nonsense, stupidity, absurdity! You have not convinced me of the importance of frequently posting on Facebook! Nobody does that!” will say an ignorant person who should look at Delfi’s Facebook account. Damn it; sometimes they post three or more posts per hour!

“But I am not a portal,” one more will say, not knowing that there are thousands of accounts in Lithuania whose owners update their content at the same rhythm Marius Pereščius does. I will shake their hand!

This is not all…

Let me highlight a few reasons why you should post more on your Facebook account.


1. Rapid growth, improvement
Maybe you don’t want to post ten posts a day. If so, that’s great—you can post less. However, by posting more than one post, you will gain more experience than someone who is slow to share content.

2. You will get closer to the people you care about. (If you just want to get rich, then these tips are not for you).
Imagine meeting someone you are interested in, but you rarely see each other, so the charm is evaporating. Relationships cool down. Was it like that in your real life? The same thing can happen in the social space. Your visitor seems to like the content you post on Facebook, but when they see a few posts a week, they lose touch with you. In other words, you failed to impress or interest them because you were moving at turtle speed.

So let’s talk about speed.

You may complain that your reach is small, but a miracle will happen if you post a lot of content. People for whom your post won’t be shown, another post, which you will post in a few hours, will be shown!

And yes, you must give goodies to your visitors, while it’s important to them. You have to do this without waiting for “better times” to come!

“But if I post too much content, will I lose visitors on Facebook?” someone will ask. Yes, it’s possible. However, there are two solutions. 1. Your posts must be interesting. They should not be dry advertising, but they should contain useful information. 2. Start taking care of people. This can only be done by sharing with others all the knowledge you have, without reward. According to Gary Vaynerchuk, the reward will come with time.

“Alexander, I understood! I will be placing a lot of ads from now on! I will drown the internet with my ad! I will be posting ads on Facebook at least five times a day!” an entrepreneur will gladly state, to whose ear I will shout: “Direct advertising should not exceed 5%…!”