How to Raise Awareness and Sales

Guerrilla marketing was once fashionable, but this fashion has evaporated. It has not remained. People care about other things these days: confidence, honesty, generosity. I’m talking about the “marketing of generosity.” The marketing of generosity (the generosity virus) can produce wonderful things. It promotes your business without investing a lot of money. Generous marketing encourages people to spread information about you free of charge. But how do you make people talk about you and share the ad virus?

You need three things: 1. An open-hearted message like one Gary V. would give; 2. to create this message on a platform, and; 3. create 1000 messages (something that requires perseverance). Each message should be super useful.

Imagine that it teaches people how to turn a phone into a drone that flies and cooks food in a second. I know it’s impossible, but imagine what value you would give people if you knew how to do it. People would share your message with their friends because it’s replete with value.

Now you know what to do. Sure, creating a super generous virus isn’t easy, but Gary V. was able to do it. Gary V. is not an ufonaut; he is human, which means you can do something similar. For example, I have already succeeded. I’ve made videos that have been shared over 10,000 times. Because the videos were incredibly beneficial, needed, inspiring.

The formula for a generous virus is simple: the more our message benefits people, the more often they’ll share this message with others. So create a generous viral virus; don’t be a jackass and give away everything you know without saving something for the next time (for example, an e-book or online course).