What’s a good website?

I have been working in marketing for over 15 years. I can say that one of the basic tools of modern success is the website. Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg know this. Zuckerberg has Facebook, and Bezos has Amazon. These are digital companies that depend entirely on whether the website is up and running. In the past, you needed an office, desks, etc. But nowadays, only a website is enough. Therefore, a new generation of entrepreneurs love their websites and continuously improve them.

Your business also needs a good and effective website. But what’s a good website? Is a good website one that was designed by a coke-using designer (as he’s very creative)? Or maybe the best site is one that keeps up with the latest trends?

What’s a good website?

For me, the best website is the one you can easily find on the internet. Because there are millions of beautiful websites in the world, but people only use sites that can be found on Google Search. As a result, the world’s most famous brands focus on Google, as they understand a few important things:

1. A good website is one that you can find on the first page of Google search results. The higher you appear, the better the site is, and the higher its price. I remember that many years ago, I found Facebook while looking for a place to communicate on the internet. I found it on Google Search! If people had not found it, there would have been no chance of it spreading. Smart entrepreneurs know this, so pay full attention to your website’s SEO, as these days, you will only succeed if your website is up and running and easily findable on the internet.

2. Success is beautiful, so after arranging the on page seo of their e-shop or portal, smart entrepreneurs use Google ads. Take a look and see how the biggest companies in the world perceive online business. I typed eBay in the Google Search box today. In the results, paid eBay ads showed up. If such famous brands buy ads, doesn’t that mean they value Google?

3. Online advertising is 1000 times better than on TV or radio. On the internet, you can press a button (one that you cannot see on a TV screen or the radio) to collect readers’ e-mails, and you can change the ad at any time if it doesn’t work.

While we were talking about the beauty of a website…

As we were talking about the numerous advantages of having a website, many agreements were made around the world. Someone asked a super designer to create an attractive website design, and someone contacted SEO specialists, analysts who will tell how to create a website that generates high revenues. What about you? Would you ask for an attractive project or business tool that would generate a huge income?